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Situated off Highway 66, right where Texas and New Mexico meet, Glenrio Smoke Stop is a vibrant community, recreational dispensary, and a destination you need to experience. Come in for our exceptional selection of concentrates and spend some time enjoying the gorgeous scenery, great company, and our amazing weed. We’re off the grid, something unique and the right stop for every level of cannabis enthusiast.

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Why do we get so revved up about concentrates? Potency, potency, potency. By getting rid of the extra plant material and leaving behind the stuff we all want, aka terpenes and cannabinoids, we’re left with a concentrated form of cannabis. Changing up the process provides for a wide variety of textures, density, malleability, and color to answer every preference.

Glenrio Smoke Stop offers cannabis concentrates for Glenrio, NM on Route 66!

Incredibly high THC contact, immediacy, and long-lasting effects are just the beginning. Find the consumption method you like best, including dabbing and vaping, explore unmatched flavor profiles and choose from so many strains of wax, shatter, crumble, live resin, and more. Concentrates galore are waiting for you at Glenrio Smoke Stop. We welcome friends and neighbors from all over Glenrio, NM and visitors from across the country. 


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