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For those who prefer not to inhale the resin produced by smoking marijuana or for anyone looking for a more discreet method, vapes are a great choice. A vaporizer heats the dried cannabis, oil, or concentrate to just below the temperature of combustion, significantly reducing the chance of inhaling carcinogens. Plus, the odor is minimal and disappears quickly, providing for greater discretion.

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Vape Cartridges & Accessories

If you’re looking for a burst of flavor, amazing potency and an incredible selection of well-known brands and fun strains, shop cartridges and vapes at Glenrio Smoke Stop. Because of the lower heat level, vapes keep terpenes and a larger percentage of active cannabis compounds intact. They are simple to use, easy to transport, and wonderfully affordable. Our collection caters to the novice as well as the seasoned enthusiasts.

Find your state of mind with vapes from Glenrio Smoke Stop!

Browse our shelves for your favorite carts and vapes or check out our inventory and place an order online. Glenrio Smoke Stop speeds things up with in-store or curbside pickup. For anyone who’d like to linger and enjoy, have a seat in our outdoor consumption lounge. We invite adults 21+ from across Glenrio, NM and welcome visitors from across the country. We are the best kind of experience.


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