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No time to spend with us? That’s OK. Glenrio Smoke Stop gets you in and out in a hurry. Let us accommodate your busy schedule with in-store pickup. Go ahead and check out our extensive and amazing collection of cannabis online. That’s right. Shop from home. Browse in your jammies, whenever the mood strikes or you’ve got some free time. Place your order, and we’ll handle the rest.

Order Cannabis for In-Store Pickup in Glenrio

Sort through the most recognized brands, fun strains, and options to suit every experience and budget. Find your favorite flavor of vape. Sample some of our delicious edibles. Prepare to be amazed by our flower and try out something new with the affordability of a single or pack of pre-rolls. Our collection of high-potency concentrates and extracts is second to none, and we’ve got topicals, tinctures, CBD, and gear galore.

Easy In-Store Cannabis Pickup Services

Glenrio Smoke Stop is located at the state line, right where Texas and New Mexico meet. We bridge the divide and welcome adults 21+ with proper ID. We’re a popular destination from anywhere across Glenrio, NM and accessible to all. While we invite you to get off the grid, mellow out, and enjoy a state line state of mind in our outdoor consumption lounge, we’re more than happy to prepare your package for in-store pickup and no waiting. 


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