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Step off the grid and find flower like no other at Glenrio Smoke Stop. We welcome adult 21+ visitors from across the country to discover a whole new world of recreational cannabis. Situated off Exit Zero, right on the Texas/New Mexico border, we bridge the divide and create an accepting, aware, and auspicious community. Visit us for something different and better. Enjoy shopping our dispensary, our collection of flower is a must-see.

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Top-Quality Cannabis Flower

How can you tell good bud from the bad? Step inside Glenrio Smoke Stop, take a look, take a whiff and appreciate the strong scents, vibrant color, ideal texture, bright orange pistils, and bountiful trichomes. Our array showcases the incredible terpenes and potency of properly pollinated and mature plants. There is no doubt of a clean, smooth, flavorful, and exceptional burn. At Glenrio Smoke Stop, we get excited by our strains of flower and can’t wait to share.

We provide an impressive selection of cannabis flower for you to choose from!

A visit to Glenrio Smoke Stop is an experience. Come for the flower, stay and explore, linger and let yourself go. Along with free parking and our unique consumption lounge, we offer the convenience of in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and online ordering. We invite you to check out our incredible menu of flower in-store or online and prepare to be delighted, amazed, and oh-so-satisfied. We might be off the hectic path, but we’re a breeze of a drive from anywhere across Glenrio, NM.


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Smoke Stop - The First and Last in New Mexico